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Mission,vision, equality & diversity


Locking Deanery Housing Society Ltd is governed
by the rules of the National
Housing Federation's Code of Conduct, 
which sets out standards for Housing 
Associations ensuring we are acting in 
the best interest of our Residents;
The Society is a not for profit Organisation.
Behaving with integrity and conducting ourselves 
professionally whilst at the same time protecting 
Clarence House, its Residents, Staff, Visitors and
the property;
The Governance Code details the Societies four 
core principles as:

Mission and Values
Strategies and delivery
Board effectiveness and control Assurance.

Our vision for diversity, equality and
inclusion is to foster a culture of trust, 
integrity, accountability and openness 
where all Residents and Staff can 
flourish and their unique experiences and 
perspectives are valued by everyone at
LDHS.  Our policies and practices will 
facilitate an equitable workplace where 
people experiencing disadvantage are 
enabled and encouraged to 
contribute their full potential.  
Our high-performing workforce will be 
more diverse and will reflect the 
diversity of the society we live in.


LDHS recognises and embraces difference, 
based not just on protected characteristics, 
but placing positive value on the benefits of 
the different perspectives and experiences everyone
brings to enrich everyone's lives at Clarence House.

We provide an equality environment
ensuring individuals are treated fairly and 
not discriminated against because of their 
characteristics.  The Equality Act provides 
protection from discrimination on nine 
protected characteristics and the Society 
adopts an equal opportunities policy. 
Application is open to all regardless of 
gender, identification, sexual orientation,
marital status, religion or belief or race.


LDHS operates a policy of inclusion
so everyone feels that they belong
and that their contribution matters
and they are able to live to their
full potential no matter their 
background or circumstances

Measures are in place to ensure that
Residents and all visitors and staff 
are kept safe and the Management 
Board have an oversight of all risks
ensuring that they thoroughly test the 
impact of peotential risk scenarios in 
LDHS future.
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